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Festive Chamber Choir was formed in 2010 by a group of passionate and talented young people. They are experienced choristers with a diversified singing repertoire, including religious music, choral jazz, classical choral music, contemporary works and ethnic folk. It provides a platform for young choristers to share their belief in choral singing and to pursue their common dreams. Festive Chamber Choir members believe that music is for appreciation, acceptance and support among human beings. They believe that singing should be a tool to explore oneself and for celebration of life.

Festive Chamber Choir has the honour to be under the guidance of its advisors, Professor Victor Chan of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Allison So of The Hong Kong Institute of Education and Dr. Timothy Brimmer of Butler University, U.S.A.

To spread positivity and joy through music during the festive season, Festive Chamber has organized the Annual Festive Caroling Programmes in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Peninsula Hotel over the past 10 years. Be it in the period of social unrest, Festive Chamber insisted to perform publicly to share the words of understanding, mutual support and acceptance through carols.

Moreover, Festive Chamber has also been dedicated to community services. On top of the annual fundraising concerts, Festive Chamber co-organised the Tin Shui Wai Little Angels’ Choir with Hong Kong Choral Project since 2015. The Project aims to enhance children’s self-confidence, self-management, positive thinking, good attitude, as well as their interpersonal skills. With the belief of nurturing children through the Arts, the Choir welcomes all children to join these programmes and to share the joy of music and speech with their community.


Through the window of music, we aim for the continuation of a self-directed mode of learning, to refine our musical and generic life skills, as well as experiencing different genres of music.


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