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Festive Chamber Community Project in Tin Shui Wai

Festive Chambers has been organizing the community project – Tin Shui Wai Choral Project, which is one of the choral projects sponsored by Mr. Harry Lee, Founder of Hong Kong Choral Project. The Project aims to:

  • Explore the integrated art form of CHORAL SINGING & CHORAL VERSE-SPEAKING
  • Enhance children’s self-confidence, self-management, positive thinking, attitudes and interpersonal skills
  • Share the Joy of Music and Speech with the community

Festive Chambers believes in nurturing children through Arts. With the support from primary schools in Tin Shui Wai, Tin Shui Wai Little Angels Children’s Choir was formed in 2015 under this choral project, aims in helping children of Tin Shui Wai to explore the integrated art forms of Choral Singing and English Choral Verse-speaking through singing, English speaking and stage productions.

Since 2015, the Choir has staged several musicals and sung various choral pieces in their plays, spreading positive messages and love through music to the community, including:

  • 2016 – 1st Public Performance in HKSC Arts & Culture Center
  • 2017 – Seasons of Love
  • 2018 – We Love Reading
  • 2019 – Friends Forever
  • 2020-2021 – You and I can change the world – We sing to fight the virus

*Festive Chambers welcomes all children to join these programmes and to share the joy of music and speech with their community. The programmes are completely free of charge.

Visit to Link Centre

In December 2021, Festive Chamber Executive Committee members together with a group of FC choir members paid a visit to Link Centre in Kwai Chung, sharing joy and love with a group of children through Christmas Carols singing.

Link Centre aims to help ethnic minorities to overcome difficulties from adapting to life in Hong Kong, facilitating and accelerating ethnic minorities into the community without being discriminated against, to enhancing young ethnic minorities to unfold their potentials, as well as to enrich their psychological well being. 

With music as the universal language, we aim to spread positive messages and give support to the ethnic minority children and young people in Hong Kong and to explore opportunities for collaboration at our up-coming annual concert in November 2022.

Visit to Caritas Harold H.W. Lee Care and Attention Home

Festive Chamber Choir members paid a visit to Caritas Harold H.W. Lee Care and Attention Home, sing and interact with the elderlies, giving them love and care through music and singing.


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